This offer is not valid anymore. For subscribtion , please click her!
What is the special offer all about ?

It is MGM gift to the international market exclusively with PipsAhoy. One month or two months subscription to the Liquidity Master EA System.

What does the EA do exactly?

It is not just an EA , it is a complete system or tool which reads market liquidity and decides best time to place trades based on volume spread analysis proprietary indicator.

How much should I have in my trading account?

We prefer a minimum balance of USD5000 so you can get good ROI , never the less can work on USD 1000 only.

How much is the monthly rent normally, and how much is the offer ?

The normal monthly rent is $600 , as a one time offer for the International Market we made it $450 per month ( a maximum of two months)

Can it work with any broker?

We prefer top brokers with low spread. If you are with Osprey then it is well and good , If you are not , please contact us for a list of tested brokers.

Is it a safe tool?

Ddefinitely yes, as we have 3 levels of safety to protect your capital.

Any other conditions?

Yes , we like to ensure that you know we are providing this as a tool for educational purposes, so you can benefit the most during your trading journey , eight years of research testing and a lot of trials led to the production of this software.

Please note It is solely for your personal use on your own responsibility , not to be shared or trades copied by any shape or form. Also note that accounts up to USD 10,000 can avail of the normal rental fees or the offer herein. Bigger accounts will incur a fair usage license fees of 6-7.5% on starting capital.

How can I start?

If all is acceptable, please  fill the form below, so we get back to you by email for payment and setting up the EA.