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About This Calculator

This calculator allows you to figure out ( EA monthly rental cost – expected profit – money management ) based on your capital.
There are six variables: –
1- Enter your capital
2- Number of expected trading days, between 15-22
3- Expected number of stop loss days
4- Select your Lot Divider (one time full lot, or division over two entries a fraction of 2-6 parts, i.e. “cooling strategy”
5- Selection of first entry (REAL OR VIRTUAL from a set drawdown number of pips)
6- Selection of second entry (VIRTUAL from a set drawdown number of pips)

You will get the expected results based on actual previous monthly results of trading , and you will get the needed setting for each EA on chart1 and chart2 as per your strategy.


This is only a simulator to assist you calculate lot size , your monthly fees , possible money management strategies to select from & any potential outcome is just imaginary and most probably will be different in real live trading due to other variables of forex markets.
No liabilities and claims arise from the results provided.